Darby Orr

There are no extra points for suffering

Smiling Bass

Darby is a yogi, musician, and writer of stories. After growing up in Texas, where he earned his degree in Finance and worked corporate gigs, he replaced the wing-tips with flip-flops and moved to sunny Southern California. He is somewhat surprised how well his rootsy heritage mingles with his years as a vegetarian californian cliche. He teaches mindful flow yoga steeped in gratitude, laughter, and the joy of an open heart.  As a musician, Darby spent several years as a staff writer for Sony Music. He has also written and produced music for CBS Records, Atlantic Records, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Universal Studios, Disney, Time Warner, Buena Vista Pictures, a slew of TV shows, and has hundreds of songs in music libraries. He plays bass and keyboards for numerous Kirtan artists and can often be found contentedly laying the groove down at music festivals. 

He lives in North Hollywood, California with his wife, Arielle Silver, two teenage daughters and a large sleepy cat. When not teaching, producing music or driving the kids to school, Darby's dharma talks are being woven into the book: There Are No Extra Points for Suffering. It is the first book of a multi-book series.


Photographer: Joy Stone

Festival: Bhaktifest, Joshua Tree, California