Darby Orr

There are no extra points for suffering

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Whether it's for TV, video games, film or a 30 second commercial...the song elements of melody, hook and structure are present. Even in Sound Design we crave a richness of texture that's musical. Why? Because that's how our minds process sound. Songs touch our emotions below the surface and resonate in our memories. And truly, isn't that the connection we're trying to make with all of our creative content...

So here’s how a New York ad man once described me:

“The versatility displayed in Darby Orr’s thematic compositions for cinema, television and the commercial worlds is an extraordinary testament to how uniquely he hears film and video. From Fox’s "Drive" to dramatic trailers for Buena Vista Pictures, his soundtracks for Time Warner and DirecTV to his theme song and Beatles remix for Mercedes-Benz’s international launch, Darby takes the moving image to the next level. He’s also been responsible for music production and sound design on more than a dozen independent film, video and spot projects.”

I’m not one to live in the past but this is some of what I did in the moments leading up to the here and now:

Signed Artist-CBS.

Staff Writer/Producer-Sony Music Publishing.

7.1 soundscapes-Universal Studios Hollywood.

Lead Interactive Sound Designer-Copia Center.

Music: Coors Light, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Chuck E. Cheese, Downy, 3dFX, The Sopranos, The OC, ABC Radio, Nimbus Games.